I would like to thank everyone for their interest in the photos that I took at the Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog Competition last weekend. I had many more photos but only posted some of my favorites on my Facebook page so it's quite possible that I have an image (or more images) of your dog. Many of you have expressed an interest in buying some of my images. I had an agreement with the event organizers that I wasn't going to be selling my photos from the event and I intend to honor that agreement. What I would like to propose as an alternative is that instead of me selling the photos to you, I would like to give you the photos in exchange for a donation to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. All images would be available in Small resolution but depending on the image, I may be able to offer larger resolutions if you are interested. Below are the donation amounts that I would ask for each resolution that I intend to offer.

**  Small Resolution (800x - web display only) $5.00

**  Medium Resolution (1800x - best quality print up to 4x6) $10.00

**  High Resolution (2100x - best quality print up to 5x7) $15.00

**  Highest Resolution (3000x - best quality print up to 8x10) $20.00

Because I hadn't originally planned on doing this, I will need a few days to get all of the images uploaded to my website so that everyone can go in and select the images they would like to get. Once selected, we can confirm an amount total and coordinate the donation. You can provide your donation in one of two ways: you can either mail me a check for the amount made out to the National Canine Cancer Foundation and I will send them all in or you can make your donation directly on the National Canine Cancer Foundation website and email me your receipt which shows your donation amount. Once I have received either of those donation confirmations, I can send your digital images. Any images that I have posted on Facebook with my watermark are available for you to share so those will still be up. The images that I would provide based on donations would not be watermarked and would be for personal use only .

I do hope that people will want to join in and get some photos of their dogs doing something they love while making a donation to a very worthy cause. I lost my girl Mattie 3 months ago to hemangiosarcoma so I always appreciate an opportunity to help in the fight against this horrible disease.  I will update my Facebook page with a link when all of the images are ready so please like my Dogs in Motion Photography Facebook page so that you can be notified.