Two photographers bringing you twice as many spectacular pictures!! Dogs in Motion Photography and Go Dog Photo are working together to  capture the best shots of your Splash Dogs National Event.  All photos are for sale on one site!  This means twice as many great photos and the discounts will apply even faster as you add them up.  Read all about the specials and discounts below and Click Here to start viewing and purchasing.

This was a 4-day event and we took a lot of photos. So we want to make finding the photos that are important to you as easy as possible. Every effort has been made to tag your dog's name in the image so that you can search just for your dogs. PLEASE do not rely on this alone! As we all know, dogs go out of order, don't show up, etc - and the tagging could be incorrect. Or, if we're not certain, the photo may not be tagged at all. Once you are in the event gallery, use the search button at the top of the screen and enter your dog's name.  This will return all images from the weekend where we have tagged your dog's name.  But we also would recommend checking the exact Splash that your dog jumped just in case we missed tagging one of your images.  Check entire album of photos, your dog may be in multiple places. With two photographers on site, you will likely have your dog cycle through twice in the photos for a Splash - the first time in the folder when you find your dog, then scrolling down to a second time for the second photographer.

Custom Specials

CD specials are available for high-volume orders.  We can also accommodate a request for digital downloads - the $7 shipping/handling fee would be refunded.

Highest Resolution (3000px) - best quality for up to 8x10 prints (30% discount)

   *  25 images - $350 (any dog)

   *  35 images - $490 (any dog)

High Resolution (2100px) - best quality for up to 5x7 prints (30% discount)

   *  25 images - $262.50 (any dog)

   *  35 images - $367.50 (any dog)

Automatic Discounts

These discounts are automatically applied to your shopping cart.

   • Spend at least $50 to $99 and receive a 10% discount    

   • Spend at least $100 to $149 and receive a 15% discount    

   • Spend at least $150 to $199 and receive a 20% discount    

   • Spend at least $200 and up and receive a 25% discount   

   • Buy 4 , Get 1 FREE!  This applies to prints only.

      (all must be the same size)

When ordering a CD special, choose one image that you would like on the CD and then under Products, choose your CD option.  Add the other 24 or 34 images (depending on your CD choice) to your "Favorites".  This is how we will build your CD or set up your digital download.  It will be based on the one photo that was chosen with the CD product, and the additional 24/34 in your Favorites folder.  Be sure you have NOTHING else tagged as Favorites until after we have fulfilled your CD order or it will cause a delay in getting your images.


If you have any questions about ordering volume, either CD or digital, please feel free to contact either of us!  Contact me using the Contact link at the top of the page or Gloria and we will do all the work needed to get you the best deal possible!