DockDogs Specials

Regional Specials and Discounts

Two photographers bringing you twice as many spectacular pictures!! Dogs in Motion and Go Dog Photo are working together to help capture the best shots of your Southwestern Regional DockDogs Event! All photos on both sites are the same pricing structure, and we are working together to give you the ability to apply discounts from both sites! Example, there is a discount for 15% off a purchase of $100-$149, but you want $75 of photos from one site and $45 from the other, no problem! These cross-site discounts will fall under "Custom". You will only need to contact one of the photographers for a custom discount code, and we will do the rest!

Do NOT place your order expecting a cross-site discount if you have not received discount codes!

Refunds can not be issued for digital items after the order has been placed.

Custom Specials

--- Everything under automatic discounts is offered between photographers!  Simply add photos to your cart, then contact us for a discount code that will work on both sites!

* EVERY photo of your dog - from BOTH photographers!

We offer a CD special of all your photos in either 2100px or 3000px resolution!

Highest Resolution - 3000 pixels

     • First Dog - all images - $250

     • What?? You had two dogs? Add the second dog for an additional - $175

     • had three or more dogs? We will toss those in - $100

High Resolution - 2100 pixels

     • First Dog - all images - $175

     • What?? You had two dogs? Add the second dog for an additional - $100

     • had three or more dogs? We will toss those in - $50

* Every photo of your dog will be determined by handler and/or household. If you are spouses, and two people jump two dogs, that would fall into household and you would get one CD with the one dog, add a second extra discount. If you are traveling companions with two dogs and two handlers, that is two CDs one dog each, first dog only discount. CDs can be mixed if you have multiple dogs, but each dog MUST be all one size. A fee of $7.50 will be added for shipping and handling

Automatic Discounts

These discounts are automatically applied per site.  If you order from only one site and reach these minimums, these discounts will automatically be applied!

• Spend at least $50 to $99 and receive a 10% discount

• Spend at least $100 to $149 and receive a 15% discount

• Spend at least $150 to $199 and receive a 20% discount

• Spend at least $200 and up and receive a 25% discount

If you plan to spend more than $249, you should consider the custom special of "Every Photo of your Dog" for $250.  There are no restrictions on multiple people wanting to place an order together to get a higher discount.  The only time that is restricted is on the "Every Photo of your Dog" CDs.  Orders over $250 that are not part of the CD special will continue to receive a 25% discount.  Don't let this confuse you!!  We are working to get you the best deal for your purchases between the two of us.  If you are not sure, or have a question, contact me or Gloria and we will do all the work getting you the best deal possible!


To make it easier to find the images that are important to you, we have added the ability to search by your dog's name!  We do our best to keep track of the events and dogs but things were moving very fast.  If there are several dogs that look the same, we may tag an image with multiple names just to be safe.  If you don't see pictures of your dog using the Search function, you may want to check the event folder directly and scan through the images.  

Each photographer did need to step away occasionally so if you don't find what you are looking for here, make sure to check out images shot by Go Dog Photo.  We always made sure that one of us was there shooting to ensure there was coverage on a pool.